“…Samia’s compassion and love have given me the space and support I need whenever I’m on the verge of a necessary shift in my life….”

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Was this Love Letter written for you?

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Hello, I’m Samia – Relationship Alchemist.

I work with career women who want to find soulful, sexy, lasting love but who struggle with believing they can have what it takes to find love. Instead, often they have almost completely resigned themselves to being single for the rest of their lives. I share how I help such women almost every day to completely shift how they once saw themselves, transform their relationship with men and become magnetic to the kind of love they once believed they never could have!

Is This You?:

Dear Exhausted, Almost-Given-Up-On-Love You,

I see you and your quiet pain. You resigning yourself to your career (and maybe some travel here and there). At least there’ll be nothing tying you down…. Or so you keep telling yourself! You say you’re done looking and the words “men”…“love”…“marriage” are almost banned from your vocabulary now.

You are so done with the searing pain, confusing men and having every rejection affirming what you feared all along deep down – that love, whilst it comes easily for most every other woman, just wasn’t meant for you.


You bravely prepare yourself to get used to living alone for the rest of your life, growing old all by your lonesome. You are getting better at dealing with the next wedding invite…. and baby shower with grace… instead of feeling a new pang of despair and humiliation come over you. Sometimes you slip up though, for example when you see a baby these days, you feel this overwhelming urge to have one…. it’s almost like you can no longer convince yourself that you don’t need to have children. You seem unable to distract yourself with your career like you used to, these days.  So, you’re thinking maybe adopt a child on your own or get another pet….

Though you feel grateful for the freedom to do as you choose for e.g. go away on a whim, change jobs…. you feel a tinge selfish and irresponsible when you look at your friends with children…. or is that only because society is telling you to feel that, you can’t even distinguish what you’re really feeling anymore.

You are glad that you have proven to every single person beyond shadow of a doubt that you are a modern, independent and successful woman who can take care of herself. Now what….?

Will you have to be modern… independent… successful… and LONELY for the rest of your life, shunning anything and everything you were taught to look down upon as a strong woman? After everything it’s taken to come this far, no way you want to risk looking weak….. or be met with utter disappointment from everyone counting on you to uphold the “secret unspoken code” of kickass, badass women?

You at once admire those insanely feminine, together, likeable women that effortlessly seem to attract in the man of your dreams followed by a beautiful wedding, home, and babies all whilst doing work they seem to loooove . At the same time though you feel resentful and so jealous of them because everything happened for them so effortlessly.

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What you don’t tell yourself…. because you don’t realise… however is that you can have all the love your heart desires. Really and truly.  It was the work of my dreams to help women just like you and I made that a reality.  My clients have not only gotten married as a result of our work but have also healed some of their deepest wounds with themselves, with their parents and others they formerly had unresolved pain with and stepped into the unique Soulful Sexy…. And Powerful goddess she didn’t even realise she is.  My clients regularly tell me they get noticed effortlessly by not only men but people generally seem to come to them like moths flying to the flame – they’ve received promotions, expanded their businesses, companies and commanded incomes they previously didn’t think possible

It would be my deepest honour to help you in your journey in whatever small way I could.

Here’s honouring the Soulful, Sexy goddess you truly are –

All my love,



If you’d like support with something, you can reach me at Samia@RelationshipAlchemy.consulting and we can chat about how best to support you.

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We can connect regardless of where you are in the world.  I’m in Sydney, Australia!

Hope to talk to you soon,