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Is a Vehicle Loan Your Best Financing Option?

If you are ready to purchase a car but do not want to pay fully in cash, a Vehicle Loan may be your best option. A Vehicle Loan is a single-purpose loan that lets you purchase a brand new or used car partially by credit. This means that you put up the cash for the down payment (typically 20% of the car value), with the lender paying the dealership or car seller the rest of the amount. You then pay the lender back this amount with added interest monthly for 1 to 5 years, depending on the terms you both agree on. However, is a Vehicle Loan the best financing option for you?

  1. Enjoy lower interest rates compared to in-house car financing. Car dealerships usually offer auto loans themselves. However, the interest rates (10%) tend to be almost double than that of banks and private lending companies.

  2. Get reasonable payment terms. Vehicle Loans typically gives you 12 up to 60 months to fully settle your loan. This means lower, more manageable monthly payments.

  3. Free up your savings for other needs. Getting a vehicle loan allows you to maintain your savings and allocate your existing cash for other needs and financial emergencies.

What is a Vehicle Loan?

A vehicle loan enables you to purchase a car partially by credit. Its monthly interest rate averages 5.5%. The payment terms may be from 12 to 60 months.


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Step 1. Complete Loan Application

1. Complete Loan Application

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2. Get a Call

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3. Get Your Funds

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first, I thought was not legit, but they are. They will go over it and over it, if you are having trouble understanding any part of the loan process. They were knowledgeable and courteous with a customer first attitude. Thanks Loansolutions for changing my perspective.
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helped me in securing my personal loan. They were organized and professional, as well as kind which made all of the difference in our interactions. They were very patient and treated me as a person rather than just a borrower. That made them stand above the rest. Thank you,
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gyud kaayo ko ug pasalamat sa Tungod nila nakab-ot nako ang akong pangandoy nga sakyanan. Ilang napadali ang proseso sa akong application tungud kay dedicated jud ang ilang mga loan advisers ug daghan pud sila ug partner nga mga bangko. Dako sila ug respeto sa ilang mga customers, ug tungud anah, kinasingkasing jud sila nga nagtrabahu. Daghan jud kaayng salamat
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Car Loan ang tumulong sa akin upang masimulan ko ang aking negosyo. Dahil gusto kong umasenso sa buhay, nagdesisyon akong mag-loan para ipuhunan. Madali lang ang naging proseso at okay na okay ang pag-asikaso nila sa akin. Ngayon unti-unti nang lumalago ang naipundar kong negosyo. Malaki ang pasasalamat ko sa, sana marami pa kayong matulungang tao.
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Am I eligible to apply for a loan?

For you to be eligible, you must be:

  • At least 21 years old
  • A Filipino citizen with a residence
  • Employee: Regular employed for at least 3 months with a minimum gross monthly income of Php 10k
  • Self-employed: operating a legitimate business that has been profitable for at least 3 years

What documents do I need to provide?

Please refer to the list below:

  • Certificate of Employment indicating basic monthly salary, allowances, date hired and position in the company
  • Company ID scanned (front & back)
  • Proof of Billing (latest electric/water bill, must reflect applicant's address)

How much can the banks finance for an auto loan?

When getting purchasing a car and getting a bank loan to finance it, the applicant has to pay the down payment of the car from the car dealer. After which, the remaining balance after the down payment is what the bank will offer to finance.

Can I view my loan details online?

Definitely! You can even view, add and edit your loan profile with us through your Borrower Account Profile. You just login using your credentials. If you forgot your password, kindly click on reset password and we will send you a link to reset your password.

How much can the banks finance for an auto loan?

When getting purchasing a car and getting a bank loan to finance it, the applicant has to pay the down payment of the car from the car dealer. After which, the remaining balance after the down payment is what the bank will offer to finance.

How do I know which bank I am qualified for?

We assign a dedicated loan adviser to help you with your inquiries, determine your need in order to match you with banks or lenders that you will qualify for a loan with. Soon we will equip your loan account profile with automatic lender matching feature with real time loan status updates.

How much do you charge to process a loan?

Application is free and we do not charge any processing fees.

How much do I pay for monthly amortization if I get a car loan?

That will depend on the matched bank or lending company. They have their own standard interest rates and terms. For the sake of computation: Monthly Amortization: (Approved Loan Amount / Number of months to pay) + (Approved Loan Amount * Interest Rate).

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