If you like plan to borrow from leading banks, please be guided with the following rates and fees:

ProviderRates and Loan Rates

PHP 1,500 – processing fee to be deducted from the loan amount

10% per month – late payment fees on all amount due or a minimum of PHP 300

PHP 500 – Loan amendment fee

Security Bank

Minimum loan amount – PHP 30,000

Maximum loan amount – PHP 1,000,000

Approval time – 5-7 banking days

Payment terms – up to 36 months


Additional rate per month for employed borrowers – 1.1%

Additional rate per month for self-employed borrowers – 1.3%

Apart from banks, you can also get a loan from private lenders. Just prepare all your documents (e.g., proof of income, valid IDs, credit status, latest payslips) prior to application to ensure fast processing. It’s also important to think about the following considerations:

  • Cash receipt flexibility – Make sure to opt for lenders that will allow you to access the money in different ways.
  • Payment options – Get a loan from a lender who offers different ways for you to pay so that you can avoid late payments as much as possible
  • Lender terms and conditions – Look into the fine print of your agreement, especially those concerning the additional charges for late fees.
  • Your credit record – Maintain a good credit status at all times to establish your credibility as a borrower.

Loansolutions PH is a loan solutions provider, offering customers with insights about loan, as well as access to a vast number of lenders in the country. Specifically, we can provide you with:

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