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Client Testimonials


Leanne M. – Leader & Adult Trainer

I was introduced to Samia by a positive, motivated friend, My life was a mess, I lacked direction, my mind was clouded.  Samia has helped me changed my life. I feel Positive, Happier, Lighter, Stronger, more Balanced and feel free now to pursue the life I want and deserve.


Fariha Roisin – Writer

“Samia’s voice is so soothing, and empowering, it was as if I was transported somewhere else. I was inside of myself, but residing somewhere deeper—she was able to ease me into getting into that place with myself, and that’s a gift.”

Devora Gila Berkowitz, Breakthrough Relationship Coach www.devoragila.com

“Every coach needs a coach, and with Samia Hasan in my world, I have a reliable professional to consult with when times get tough. Samia’s compassion and love have given me the space and support I need whenever I’m on the verge of a necessary shift in my life. I wholeheartedly endorse her heart-centered work and know that her clients are in good hands”

Heather – Academic & Environmental Enthusiast

“Dear Samia. I cannot thank you enough. You have changed my life dramatically, allowing me to be free of previous barriers I didn’t even know were holding me back. I now have a fulfilling relationship through what you have taught me. Words cannot express my gratitude, happiness, peace and contentment. I want to shout it to the world!!!”

Mona E. – Personal Trainer

“I just wanted to say thank you for everything. Ever since I met you, I remember thinking, thank you God, for giving me the opportunity to meet and learn so much from this amazing person. You’ve had a very big impact on my life. And I’ve changed a lot of things in my life because of you. You’ve been my catalyst, my inspiration and my role model.  Just wanted to say thank you”

N. C. – IT Consultant & Spiritual Coach

“…I am grateful that your coaching was a catalyst in my personal breakthroughs as well as helping me find my passion and start my business…”

Z. A. – Mutliple Business Owner + Mother

“…thank you. In such a short period of time I have improved myself, my confidence, my beliefs and most importantly my Spiritual connection. …. you gave me the strength to get through even the toughest decisions. You made me believe in myself and be confident in all my decisions… When I’m not feeling 100% I think of your support, I feel your special presence around supporting me…”

Aaliyah – Inspirational Coach + Mother

“Mwaaaaaa mwaaaa mwaaaa. I love you! I love you! I DID IT. I got over myself and out the way [and] served my client… I AM SO HAPPPPPPPY! I love you! Thank you dearest one… Wohooooooooo!

I just want to tell you that I am so grateful to have you in my life. I honestly don’t know how I would’ve dug myself out to other possibilities that you’ve given to me that’s benefitted and helped me out a lot. I got straight onto that [technique you told me to do] and I instantly felt better. You are a pearl.

Mwaaaa mwaa. I can never thank you enough… you really blew me away. Thank you for that empowering moment. Thank you for your time. Thank you for always pushing me beyond my limits. I love you! I love you! I love you majestic one. Too happy [rant over] xoxo”

Melany – Mother + Community Volunteer

“I came to know Samia at a very dark time in my life. I was extremely anxious and paralysed by fear. I had so many unexpressed toxic emotions that were stifling me and preventing me from taking action in many areas of my life. When we began our sessions together, I was still sceptical of whether real and lasting change was possible, most importantly whether or not I was capable of that change. However, after many meetings with Samia, and working through my fears one by one, I felt myself experiencing shift after shift in how I was feeling. She allowed me to see some very dark things within myself in a different light, and help to bring out in me qualities which I had long ago buried. I have never met a person who is more beautiful and gracious than she is, and who feels so much joy from helping other people see their own beauty and see that shine. It is a very rare quality that so few people possess. She has not only helped me to overcome many difficulties in my life, but inspires me to be a better person and for that I am the most grateful!!!”

Iman E. – Mother of 3 + Aspiring Diplomat

“It is amazing. The void is gone….

Thank you for opening my eyes, helping me get out of all the chains around me, and for helping me solve the jigsaw puzzle of my life. Suddenly all the pieces are falling in all the right places. And I feel free to run…

[You] Pointed out:-
– the importance of giving children undivided attention/and husband too! i.e being present.

– [helped me] Enjoy being present

– helped me balance out my rationality with my emotions. i.e becoming more balanced as a person

As a result of that and also you teaching me to look inwards (i.e believing in myself and trusting myself) I became more confidant.

You reminded me of the importance of letting go and trusting the Higher Power as a means to overcoming my fears.

You were able to support me in letting go of the past which was so entrenched in my psyche that I didn’t even know it existed.

You helped me be more independent and comfortably so.

Thank you. It has been an enormous blessing.”

Mona E. – Personal Trainer

“Samia has helped me become the person I believe I was born to be…

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Michelle F. – Dance Teacher, Dance Company Founder & Mother

“…Samia is all these things and more. She constantly amazes me with her ability to pick up on my feelings and mood even though our sessions are not face to face. She can sense how I am feeling and what it is I need from a session all through conversation… I always have a sense of calm and inner strength whilst feeling re-energised at the same time after our sessions…”

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Branka G – Optometrist & Vision Coach

“Working with Samia has allowed me to gain valuable personal insights & connect with my inner wisdom. As a result of working with Samia I have been able to enjoy even more inner peace…
Enjoy my relationship with my children even more… Embrace who I am and find the strength to overcome personal & family challenges with grace I feel blessed to work with Samia and I am grateful for her support, guidance & inspiration”

A. A. – Mother

“Samia taught me the tools of speaking my truth. This lifted the guilty feeling I felt when I spoke my truth. It’s liberating to be able to be truthful to anyone. She also reminded me of my Spiritual connection… and surrendering… every day…”

Testimonials From My Mentors

Steve Decker – Coach, Facilitator, Speaker & Mentor

www.empowerutosuccess.com &  www.betterblokes.com.au

“Samia is a person that you will benefit greatly from spending time with. She has so much love, support and wisdom to give to others.”