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What is the status of my loan?

For the meantime, we don't have the feature that shows the loan status of an existing loan or any way to track your loan application. To know the full status of your application, you can email us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
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Someone called me but never got back to me again

Kindly provide us your name, email and contact number so we can look into your account. For faster results of this investigation and verification, we would appreciate it if you can also provide us of the name of the company and the staff from the loan provider that called you. Email us at Rest assured that we will do our best to connect with your matched lender.
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I was rejected for no reason

There are a couple of reasons why loan providers may disapprove your loan request. However, please bear in mind that most providers will not divulge the reason for disapproval to you or to us, their partner. The only way we can help you figure out the reasons is by providing you a list of probable reasons of loan disapproval.
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