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What are reasons for loan disapproval?

There are a couple of reasons why loan providers may disapprove your loan request. However, please bear in mind that most providers will not divulge the reason for disapproval to you or to us, their partner. The only way we can help you figure out the reasons is by providing you a list of probable reasons of loan disapproval.

  1. Income requirement not met
  2. Tenure not met
  3. Has cancelled credit card
  4. Overexposure (too many loans)
  5. Industry not supported (gambling house/casino, entertainment industry etc.)
  6. Has court cases
  7. Credit card statements show several instances of delayed payments and penalties
  8. Poor character (when applicant shows undesirable behaviour in whatever forms)
  9. Not a resident in current address
  10. Incomplete documents
  11. Company is blacklisted
  12. No Character References or Not contactable