There are many types of home loans in the Philippines offered by various companies. The question is, which one do you choose? We at Loansolutions exist to provide you the assistance you need in finding the right lender for the home loan you intend to get. All you need is to just fill out our online form so you can choose the suitable lender and loan product based on the details you provided.


Everybody wants to avail of loans with the least possible interest rates and the most favorable terms. Of course, you will not know which ones offer the least rates unless you do comparisons. Our system allows you to compare lending companies that have been picked based on the information you share. Yes, we screen the lending companies based on your details so you no longer have to do the individual assessments yourself. You just have to be honest in filling out the online form. We cannot present the best possible options if you misrepresent your circumstances right from the start.

We will try to match the best possible lender for your need with due regard for the interest rates. However, we guarantee that we will only connect you with legitimate and reputable lending companies. Expect only low interest business loans provided by companies that have proven track records. Ultimately, you will be the one to choose your lender but the process has already been made easier since you will only be choosing from list we already sorted.


Unlike other online loan facilitation services that have only been put up as marketing tools, we at Loansolutions will actually provide assistance from the filling up of the housing loan form up to the point when you already have to submit your loan application documents to the bank or the lender. Once you already pass our prequalification stage, we will appoint a loan adviser who will guide you through the whole process. Our loan adviser may also do the legwork of submitting the documents to the lender you choose. We make everything hassle-free for you. You can do everything right in front of your computer or even through your web-connected smartphone or tablet.

Once the loan application has been submitted, all you need is to relax and wait. We will promptly update you on the developments of your home loan application. If you think the waiting time is taking too long, you can always contact our customer support representative to ask for real-time updates. Our goal is for you to be able to get the housing loan you need. We will not abandon you even as you get disapproved. If your first loan application fails to get an approval, we can still proceed to other options or alternatives. We can reactivate your loan application and search for other potential lenders.


As mentioned, we have a prequalification system designed to see to it that you have a high chance to have your loan approved. We will review your qualifications and all the documents necessary for the application. Moreover, we will assign a loan adviser to assist you in the completion of requirements and the submission of the loan documents to the lender.

Experience the convenience of searching and applying for a home loan through your computer. Let us at Loansolutions assist you.