List of Money Transfer Companies in the Philippines

Whether you are an OFW or has a loved one who is working abroad or onboard, money transfer services or also known as remittance companies are super important. Thus, one has to make sure that your trusted remittance services are secure with low transfer charges so money arrives as intact as possible to the intended recipient.

Here is a list of money transfer companies to compare and might want to consider:

 Standard Fees Currency Conversion CostTotal FeesTime to CompleteMinimum TransferService
Western Union1-800-9-888-1200
$0$28$285-7 days$1Online/In Store
Money Gram1-800-9-888-1200
$0$28$283-5 days$1Online/In Store
World Remit1-888-772-7771
$14$15$293-5 days$1Online/In Store
$5$29$343-5 days$1Online/In Store
Transfer Wise44-(0)-786-493-2720
$10$0$103-5 days$1Online/In Store
$0-40$25-40$30-803-5 days$1Online
$0-40$25-40$30-803-5 days$1Online
Ria Money Transfer1-877-443-1399
$3$3$63-5 days$1Online/In Store
US Forex1-888-288-7354
$0$7.50$7.501-2 days$1Online
Sharemoney+1 866-819-0119
LBC Home1-800-10-8585999
$5$13$183-5 days$1Online/In Store
PNB Web Remit1-855-889-7788
$4$15$193-5 days$1Online/In Store
Wells Fargo1-800-869-3557
$0$28$285-7 days$1Online/In Store
XE Trade1-877-932-6640
$0$26$263-5 days$1Online
Payoneer1 800-251-2521
$3$28$313-5 days$1Online
$0$26$263-5 days$1Online/In Store
Lucky Money1-888-826-4427
$3$26$293-5 days$1Online/In Store
$5$24$293-5 days$1Online/In Store
$8$29$373-5 days$1Online
$14$50$643-5 days$1Online/In Store

Best Way to Transfer Money to Philippines
Choosing the best money transfer companies is tough but it wouldn’t be so if given a list of options and the benefits each brings. The table above shows top money transfer companies that Filipinos use to send money back to the Philippines. But the best money transfer company is one that has the:

  • Best exchange rate
  • Lowest fees and charges
  • 100% secure
  • Accessible (with many branches / outlets nationwide)

Importance of Money Transfer Companies
Money Transfer Companies or Remittance Services provide the most immediate and comprehensive benefit to OFWs, their families and their countries. Regardless of the costs of migration, many families of OFWs depend on remittances as the major, if not the primary primary source of income for their basic needs.
With Philippines sending thousands of OFWs abroad, we now see a convergence of services offered by Philippine banks, licensed non-bank money transfer agencies, courier and cargo companies that act as agents for banks. Even bitcoins are starting to show traction as a means to transfer money from and to abroad. Different alliances have been formed and partnerships to deliver convenient and low-cost transfer charges have become common.