Loansolutions offers a convenient way to find loan products specifically intended for sea-based OFWs. However, you don’t necessarily have to do anything specific. The process is just as simple as finding and applying for other loans on Loansolutions. You just have to choose the right section on our site, in this case “OFW Loan”, so you can start the process of searching, comparing, and applying.

Once you click the “Apply Now” button under the “OFW Loan” section, you will be presented an online form to fill. Key in all the required details so you can proceed to the identity verification process and be shown the different loan options available for you. It’s as simple as that. You will be automatically subjected to a loan pre-qualification procedure to see to it that you will only be offered loans for which you are qualified. Loansolutions will not present you with options with which your chances of getting an approval is nil or slim.


For sea-based OFWs, the general requirements are the POEA validated contract of employment (with date), passport, SRC/C3, seaman’s book, latest allotment certificate, and marriage contract and birth certificate if applicable. Our pre-qualification process will ensure that you have all of these and that you have to required employment duration and income level to qualify for the loan amount you seek.

Once you are done with the pre-qualification and identity verification process, you will be given the choice to pick the lender you prefer. This is when you will compare your options. All of these mean that you no longer have to specifically look for seaman loan. There’s no need to fill up a specific seaman loan form online or offline. All of the options you will be given are legitimate seaman loans for which you have good chances of getting an approval.


With Loansolutions, finding the seaman loan online with the best interest rates and terms is easy as doing a few clicks and keyboard strokes. You can even do it with your smartphone or tablet. We have forged partnerships with numerous banks and lenders so you can quickly access their services if you are qualified. All you need to fill out our online forms. We will also assign a loan adviser to you once you pass through our pre-qualification process. Our adviser will guide you through the actual loan application process so you can properly complete the requirements and address defects that may affect your application.

Quickly find and apply for a seaman loan with the help of Loansolutions. This is your hassle-free way to find a loan with the best terms while getting genuine assistance so you can have higher chances of getting an approval.