Unfortunately, if you search for student loans in the Philippines through the Internet, it may not be easy finding one that is reliable or legitimate. Worse, the few reputable companies that provide student loans don’t appear on top of search results and are overwhelmingly covered by search engine optimized content. We at Loansolutions can help you avoid such hassles.


Our ultimate goal here at Loansolutions is to help Filipinos avail of the best loan services possible. That’s why we created a system that will efficiently match loan seekers and providers. Students are included in our target users. We understand the need of some Filipino students for financial assistance with their education. We want to help them achieve their dreams in the best possible way we know.

We know that students are not that familiar with the world of financial services, especially when it comes to borrowing money. They can easily become victims of usurers or fraudulent lenders. We at Loansolutions have partnered only with legitimate lending companies to make sure that the lenders we match students with are going to give them quality service without the abusive interest rates and terms. Educational loans ought to be helpful, not exploitative. Students who use our site can be assured that we will only connect them with the best options available to them.


Students who may not be able to find a lender that can provide them the tuition fee loans they need can still use Loansolutions to look for alternatives. Parents of students may want to find a multipurpose loan in lieu of the student loan availed by the students themselves. Our system can automatically match borrowers with the right lenders. It’s simple three-step process. All that needs to be done is to complete our application form online, choose the preferred lender from the list we present after the application form has been completed, and proceed with the actual filing and processing of the loan application.

We will help you boost your chances of getting approved. We have a prequalification system designed to optimize your application, to help you comply with all the loan requirements. Once you have decided on the lender to apply a loan with, we will assign a Loansolutions adviser to guide you throughout the process. Our loan adviser may even do the legwork in submitting and processing your loan application.


Our loan application assistance does not stop in the submission of your loan documents. You can also contact us for updates on your application. However, there will be instances when the lender will directly contact you. Also, you will most likely have to directly go to the lender’s office to get the loan amount once your loan has been approved.

Avoid the hassles of searching and applying for a loan. We at Loansolutions are always eager to help.