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The Relationship Alchemy Journey

Before we begin our work together, my client tends to look like this:

She is an overachiever. She has her life together – including her finances. She’s afraid to dress how she really wants to and believes she’s not that attractive. She is unaware of the magnetism she is capable of.

She is afraid of being vulnerable. Truly showing someone else her heart – she doesn’t want to open her heart to a man unless she knows that he is truly committed to her or serious. She feels that if she shows her cards too soon then he will be turned off her or run for the hills if she is too clingy, needy or dependent. So instead she keeps herself from sharing her real thoughts or instead shares them from an inauthentic place.

When we begin working together, our first destination is into the scariest place of all – her heart. It can be terrifying for her to face those emotions alone as she tends to be a very intense individual aching for authenticity, yet unaware that it begins with her radiating her heart’s deepest desires.

She also learns the power of her feminine essence and can relate to it as little as or as much as she wishes, in her own style that feels comfortable for her. She realises there is no one way to be powerfully feminine, as long as she feels like she is being deeply herself, as that is where her power lies.

Next we focus on what she believes about herself and her current reality. Often we find that she is afraid to see the incredible woman she is and ask for the life she truly desires.

We then customise some love work specifically to address her unique personality and needs. We do this whilst holding a container of loving abundance that she can turn to, to practice being vulnerable and saying what she really feels and is afraid of telling anyone else.

I consistently give her profound support that helps her continue, though some days it’s extra scary and other days she feels like giving up or it’s just simply never going to happen. What she realises very soon is how abundant she is feeling within a short period of time. She feels like good things, people and opportunities make a beeline for her and she receives comments like “Wow! You seem so happy… you’re glowing…I’ve never seen you like this!”

Inevitably, during our work she keeps on meeting wonderful men ready to pursue her and she has even become engaged or married during the time we work together.

Samia's Story & Credentials

My beautiful, innocent mother may never understand this or believe me yet she is the reason why I am so committed to helping women glow from within.

So they can take responsibility for their own joy which then impacts their partners, children and their world.

I constantly looked down at my family from a bird’s eye view growing up and wondered what we might be if my mother would realize how much our happiness depended on her happiness rather than her denying herself things “for her children’s sake”.

Playing the martyr…

If she could realize how much my sister, father and I loved her.

Instead my mother’s story was one of “they don’t care about me”.

And my inability to reach her throughout my child/adulthood was what I poured into my vision for a world of women living open heartedly connected to who they really are thereby transforming their love lives, families and the world.

Some things I personally focus on in my work (from my own life experience) are:

  • Accepting one’s darkness as much as one’s light or “good” side. When the things we don’t want to acknowledge about ourselves remain unexplored, they can take over our lives without our even realizing it.
  • Honoring both one’s sexuality as well as spirituality and in fact the former holding the key to who I am as a full person.
  • Harness the natural Power of one’s Feminine rather than attempt to master Masculine Power which may not come as naturally (to women and anyone who identifies with the Feminine).
  • Own both the powerful and strong as well as the gentle and soft within.

When I began this journey about two decades ago, I didn’t know who I was.

I remember for a long time turning to anything that would tell me how to find out who you are – books, songs, movies, articles. I know it happened yet I can’t remember this process because I feel so happy and aware of who I and what I am today.

I’m certainly still on a long, long journey ahead though I celebrate how far I’ve come and how grateful I am to be here.

Though I know I’m far from finished.

One of the things I understand about myself is I bring balance to others and that is why my life has been so much about integrating the above aspects mentioned here, within myself.

I help others look honestly at themselves so they can begin to have a more authentic relationship with themselves first.

From this place of authenticity and integration within, both myself and my clients have drawn into our lives incredibly big, healing, soul fulfilling relationships.

I’d love to help you do the same!

And as a poster in a Hawaiian travel magazine I once read suggests…

"Come, Follow Me Home"

Back To Yourself

Background & Experience

If degrees & credentials are important to you, here are mine:

  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology) from UNSW (The University of New South Wales) (2005)
  • Certified Theta Practitioner (2017)
  • Certified Sacred Soul Alignment Practitioner (2017)
  • Certified Instant Miracle Mystic (2016)
  • Certified Instant Miracle Master (2015)
  • Certified Master Coach (2014)
  • Certified Life & Business Coach (2010)
  • Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Communication from ACAP (The Australian College of Applied Psychology) (2007)
  • Masters in Counselling & Psychotherapy Candidate

Looking forward to being in each other’s lives!

Looking forward to transforming more of our healing bits into Great, Earth & Soul Shattering Love (That is, Relationship Alchemy after all 😉)

And All My Love,



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