How to Become Your Own Goddess Queen


Goddess Queen is my word for powerful, amazing, magnetic woman.

Perhaps all your life you’ve believed there were things that were odd or not quite right about you that made you unworthy of love.

Perhaps those you looked to for advice, including your parents (meaning well) confirmed this even telling you yes you are unworthy. You believed things were hopeless and that you’ll never be enough.

If you experienced any of the above, I have too….

What I want you to know is you are so worthy of love. Just as you are. I know this because realising this has been my own long (sometimes very painful and confusing) journey.

Claim all of who you are to fully embody and love all of your incredible authentic self.

The things about yourself you rejected as “bad”, “unloveable”, “dark” or “ugly” is just as worthy and loveable as every other part of you. You’ll become magnetic to love and all the wonderful opportunities this world has to offer you. That’s a promise to you from me.

Here are some steps to help you in this process:

Step 1: Write down all the things you dislike about yourself. Be exhaustive.

Step 2: Write down everything anyone else has ever said was “wrong” or “bad” about you. Be exhaustive.

Step 3: Go through each thing you wrote in Steps 1 and 2, sit with it and write out how this has had a positive outcome in your life. There is absolutely a positive, always. Be creative.

Step 4: Go through every single thing you wrote down in Step 3 and sit with it, sending it love. Take as long as you need. The more time you give this Step, the more you will become your version of the Goddess Queen.

Let us know how you’re going with this and how this process affects you.

My love ❤️
Talk soon

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