One Self Care Tip to help you with Dating and having the love of your life


The best way to take care of yourself during the Dating process is to be really clear on your intentions for it (and be really clear on each). Here’s what I mean…..

Dating can be exhausting and feel like you’re on a hamster wheel meeting the same type of person over and over again. It can feel like you’re running a race “trying to do/accomplish something” by an end date – much like we’ve been taught to be with our careers, businesses and lives in general.

It is therefore so important to ensure firstly that you ask yourself why you are wanting to Date… and even before that ARE you wanting to date or just going along with it because someone else is telling you to?

What is your intention – are you just wanting to shake out a few nerves, have fun or rather to meet your soul mate? Be honest with yourself without judging your desires (making yourself right or wrong, good or bad). For as long as we judge our desires, we’re going to shun them without understanding what it is we’re really yearning for. And for as long as we’re yearning, it’s going to show up in our lives in unhealthy potentially destructive and dangerous ways.

Remember no matter what your intention, things will happen when and as they’re mean to happen. Rushing, forcing, chasing and therefore disconnecting with your Feminine will actually push things away rather than draw them to you. Ensuring you’re doing things you love will help you relax your body, mind and spirit which in turn will allow things to effortlessly flow to you.

If you’re meeting the same person over and over again, you likely have some deeply ingrained beliefs. Are you wanting and ready to heal these?

Lastly, like everything in life, we can make it exciting and enjoyable for ourselves or something that feels like a bit of frightening nightmare… The power to choose is in your hands, every day and in fact in every single moment 😍

My love ❤️
Talk soon

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